Captain: Cory Leiser, Chad Steffen
Size: 65'
Sleeps: 60 Passengers


Captain Corey has been a part of the Dana Wharf family since 1998. Captain Corey has taken out thousands of anglers over his 15 years with the landing. Although there’s no special trick to finding fish, he watches the conditions, water clarity, wind, and weather and uses his gut to find the ripe spot. “When the fish are biting and everyone’s happy, I’m happy.” The Clemente is a perfect fishing vessel, nimble, fully equipped and the perfect size.

Species Counts For This Month
Specie Counts
Fish Counts
Calico Bass 738
Whitefish 210
Sheephead 121
Rockfish 119
Sculpin 99
Bonito 69
Sand Bass 61
Red Snapper 19
Bocaccio 11
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