Captain: Joseph Chait & Jason Rombotis
Size: 65 x 22
Sleeps: 22


The Pegasus offers the finest in multi-day, limited party trips, from one to four days. This custom built all fiberglass sport-fisher only takes a maximum of 24 anglers, ensuring the most in quality comforts. Pegasus is the most modern 65' sport-fisher in San Diego, she is equipped with the latest in fish finding and navigation equipment, including a full searching color sonar, and color satellite plotting system. Once aboard the Pegasus, you will find her spacious bunkroom is fully air-conditioned, with both stateroom and open berthing accommodations. Furnished with two large restroom's, and a separate shower and dressing room the water making system provides unlimited hot showers.

The restaurant style galley seats 18 passengers comfortably and is equipped with the finest char-broiler, grill, ovens, and steam table, guaranteeing quality food preparation. Pegasus is also equipped with a massive 8-ton refrigerated fish hold, 160 scoop bait capacity and 5 large bait tanks. The fish are handled with extra care to warrant your catch is preserved to perfection's, Aside from being equipped with the finest in electronics, safety equipment, appliances, and creature comforts, the Pegasus also provides a fully experienced crew.

Come and satisfy your fishing pleasures, on the most modern 65', all fiberglass sport-fisher in San Diego.

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